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1- Air Traffic Control Assistant
Job: Full Time
Location: Sharjah, UAE


An Air Traffic Control Assistant (ATCA) role is a varied one, as the job title covers many different positions; Control Tower and Aeronautical Information Services (AIS).

Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage, correct and disseminate flight plans and other flight associated messages using the Comsoft Solutions Aeronautical Data Access System (CADAS);
  • Obtain information to meet the need for pre-flight information service and in-flight information service
  • Update aeronautical information of all OMSJ NOTAMs to all airport agencies via Email
  • Liaising with Tower to ensure all Air Traffic Control staff are aware of aircraft movements
  • Assists Duty ATCO when requested, especially during Emergencies and low visibility operations

Job Requirements:

  • Higher Secondary School Level
  • Achieve excellent standards of customer service.
  • Excellent IT skills;
  • Attention to detail

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