Anesthesia Technician Jobs in Abu Dhabi | Reem Hospital Careers

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Reem Hospital

Anesthesia Technician Jobs in Abu Dhabi | Reem Hospital Careers

1- Anesthesia Technician
Job: Full Time
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE


The Anesthesia Technician checks and supplies anesthesia carts and machines, checks and replaces anesthesia gas tanks, disassembles used anesthesia equipment, disinfects machines and supply carts, replaces used products and prepares transducers for invasive hemodynamic monitoring. This position has significant patient contact while assisting in transport and procedures. This position works collaboratively with Anesthesia and Nursing staff. In addition, the incumbent assists with the preparation of anesthesia supplies both preoperatively and post operatively by cleaning, maintaining, packaging, ordering, and inventorying of anesthesia supplies.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensure anesthesia carts are supplied and machines are in each room prior to the beginning of the surgery schedule and
    between procedures. Checks and replaces anesthesia gas tanks as needed.
  • Retrieve special anesthesia supplies that are anticipated and/or requested by the person administering the anesthetic before
    and during surgery.
  • Prepares complex equipment and supplies for hemodynamic monitoring. This varies based on location and may include
    peripheral arterial and pulmonary artery catheter transducers, EKG, pulse oximeter, and nerve simulators.
  • Ensures monitoring equipment and supplies are ready.

Job Requirements:

  • Maintains valid, current licensure.
  • BLS, certified.
  • Certified proof of yearly CME.
  • Specialist certifications is advantageous.

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