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Chinese Marketing Planning Jobs In Dubai | Grand Fortune Road Management Consultancies


As a Marketing Specialist, you will be responsible for formulating and executing comprehensive marketing strategies and event planning, focusing on media cooperation in overseas and online markets. At the same time, you will also be responsible for the management of online media advertising, the editing of platform copywriting, and event packaging. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Conduct in-depth research and analysis of market trends and competitors, and formulate market strategies and promotion plans based on understanding the target audience.
  • Plan and organize online activities, including brand promotion, product launches, promotional activities, etc., to ensure the smooth progress of the activities and achieve the expected results.
  • Find and establish cooperative relationships with overseas media partners, conduct docking and negotiations, and ensure the smooth progress of the entire cooperation process.
  • Responsible for the planning and management of online media advertising, including the selection of advertising channels, advertising creativity copywriting design, etc.
  • Edit copy for online platforms, including websites, social media, emails, etc., to ensure content is accurate, engaging, and consistent with the brand image.
  • Participate in the design of product packaging and promotional materials to ensure that promotional materials are attractive and can effectively convey product information.
  • Bachelor degree or above in marketing, advertising media, or related majors is preferred.
  • Have at least 1 year of experience in market planning, event planning, or related work. Applicants with experience in overseas markets will be given priority.
  • Familiar with the process and strategies of online media cooperation, familiar with the promotion channels of different platforms, and has rich docking experience.
  • Have good creative and copywriting skills, and be able to write attractive advertising copy and platform copy.
  • Have work experience related to the Metaverse and blockchain and a certain understanding of the industry and products.
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills, with the ability to work effectively with internal teams and external partners.

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