Data Science Virtual internship 30 May-30 Aug 22

Data Glacier


  • The person may do some productive tasks as part of their learning experience, training or skill development. But this work will not be claimed by Data Glacier and DG will not utilize this work for their benefit.
  • Data Glacier does not require any time commitment. It is up-to interns how much time they give to learn and complete the task.
  • Intern can utilize the code and application developed during the internship for their branding and HR networking.
  • Please write to us if you have any further question.


  • Understand the day-to-day issues that our business faces, which can be better understood with data
  • Compile and analyze data related to business’ issues
  • Develop clear visualizations to convey complicated data in a straightforward fashion
  • Perform end to end POC


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Statistics or Applied Mathematics or equivalent experience
  • Proficient in SQL,Python/R, Data Wrangling, Data Visualization( ggplot, seaborn, matplotlib etc)

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