Guest Engagement Supervisor Job in Dubai | OliOli® Children’s Museum Dubai

OliOli® Children's Museum Dubai

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide impeccable service to the OliOli® guests including children, parents, caretakers, and other visitors
  • Model appropriate adult-child interactions and exemplary customer service with OliOli® guests and partners; provide leadership on the floor – in alignment with OliOli® core values
  • Help nourish and sustain a culture of ‘guest-centricity’, cohesion, playfulness, and positive reinforcement
  • Supervise, coach and lead 1-on-1 check-in meetings with OliOli® front-of-house colleagues working on the reception and within the galleries
  • Managing team building activities and initiatives on a periodic basis – which are combined with training/conversations/communication etc.
  • Conduct daily briefings to ensure that the team is well-informed and ensure seamless communication with all colleagues
  • Assessing/evaluating performance on a regular basis in accordance with agreed upon metrics and parameters
  • Support the senior team within Guest Engagement in implementing new initiatives focused on enhancing the quality of guest experience
  • Actively communicating our values/priorities with the guests and encourage the development of meaningful relationships with our little guests
  • Coordinate with relevant colleagues to ensure that OliOli® is clean and safe
  • Effectively manage the time of the team (particularly during off-peak hours) to ensure they are productively and satisfactorily engaged
  • Create a seamless mechanism to understand, assess, and respond to visitor feedback (positive or negative)
  • Pattern recognition in terms of guest complains and proactively resolving those issues; similarly pattern recognition in terms of team issues and proactively solving any problems
  • Structured compilation and sharing of the visitor feedback with colleagues to address the complaints raised and avoid similar problems in the future
  • Manage scheduling to ensure adequate coverage for all programs/events
  • Support the hiring and onboarding process; including interviewing, scheduling and training
  • Work with the ‘content person’ to deliver awesome events, activations, and other programs that OliOli® has to offer
  • NOTE: This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities or qualifications associated with the job
  • Working with other colleagues, proactively contribute to the success of any special events and programs designed to enhance the profile of OliOli® within the community
  • Work effectively with temporary staff (many of whom are expected to be students who are not likely to have extensive work experience)
  • Perform other duties and be involved in projects and activities that contribute to the achievement of OliOli®’s objectives

Job Requirements:

  • Demonstrated interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills
  • Supervisory/leadership experience and ability to effectively supervise and motivate staff
  • Ability to manage time, prioritize tasks and balance project demands effectively
  • Leadership experience preferred
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, commitment to customer service and strong attention to detail
  • Ability to handle emergency situations with professionalism and competence
  • Outstanding communication skills and ability to coordinate, ensure and troubleshoot customer service and operational needs
  • Ability to work with diverse staff and visitors
  • Self-starter and self-motivated; thrives working in a team-oriented and collaborative environment
  • Lots of positive energy; respectful of diversity; patient and empathetic; friendly; courteous
  • Interest and enthusiasm for working with children and families.
  • Ability to work with diverse staff and visitors.
  • Adaptable to perform a variety of duties.

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