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  • Answering response center phones in a timely and professional manner.
  • Determine the clients’ ID and utilize CRM software to ensure you are aware of the client’s critical details, KPI’s and specifics of service delivery and contractual obligations for each client.
  • Maintain CRM software with each client’s details, including details of last call/event/procedure.
  • Prepare operational reports and statistical data for the call center to monitor effectiveness and service delivery.
  • Direct the patients call to the appropriate action center and/or take note of the client’s issues and raise them with the appropriate department during business hours depending on the client’s CRM profile and which department they are interacting with.
  • Gather and disseminate information as directed through the response center SOP’s.
  • Ensure that contact and follow-through SOP’s are kept up to date for every specific area of responsibility and client.
  • Direct the client’s call to the appropriate action center and ensure he is engaged with them before terminating your involvement.
  • Order the mobilization of specific response teams or individuals.
  • Update vendor, contractor, client, and consultant information.
  • Mediate audio and media conferencing between emergency response teams or individuals.
  • Update the senior management on significant events.
  • Make sure all contact and alert SOPs are followed.
  • Keep meticulous records of all contacts, actions initiated, and all outcomes.
  • Conduct pre-operational checks to ensure all communications and data recording equipment is working properly. Notify the appropriate support agency if there is an issue.
  • Take part in practice response and tabletop exercises to ensure MERPs are working as designed and to client KPIs.


  • Secondary school with a Bachelor’s Degree requested
  • Experience working in call/response centers desired.
  • Experience working in a medical field, clinic, hospital or ambulance service desired but not necessary.
  • Knowledge of International standards for ambulatory care and patient care services.

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