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1- Housekeeping Attendant
Job: Full Time
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE


  • Check and make note of all the room with “Do Not Disturb” sign before the end of the shift and respect the DND sign.
  •  Personally supervise the end of day closing of the service area and makes sure that all equipment are in appropriate place and nothing is left around which can be hazardous.
  • At the end of the shift or the day, she/he has to communicate all information that the next shift or the supervisor has to know for a well running of the operations.
  • Follow Key Issue no.1 by Attending to the guest, we acknowledge guests immediately establish eye contact and greet them in friendly manner. Leave everything when recognising a guest. Provide all guests with professional service. Follow hospitality key no. 3 while entering / leaving guests’ rooms.
  • Clean the bath room, walls and bathtub thoroughly after the bathtub look for hair. Re place fresh towels, amenities and report any maintenance to be attended to Housekeeping.
  • Make up the bed; clean the bed room and refill stationeries, matches and mini bar. Look for any spot or hair on the bed linen to be removed.

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