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1- Industrial Design Engineer
Job: Full Time
Location: Dubai, UAE

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for fashion elements and texture design of TRANSSION’s products
  • Analyze the factors behind the influence of local fashion styles, and forecast the future fashion trends
  • Combine international fashion trends with local characteristics, extract fashion elements that conform to local aesthetics, and apply them to products
  • Design with a focus on local fashion, textures, and elements

Job Requirements:

  • 2+ years of work experience in relevant design fields or fashion related industries. Familiar with CMF techniques of consumer electronics products and proficient in 2D/3D rendering software
  • Qualification: Graduated from art design, visual design, industrial design and other design majors, bachelor’s degree or above. Passionate about design. Have a strong sense of self-motivation and responsibility, and have active innovative thinking
  • Strong interest and keen intuition for fashion and trends. Have a good international vision, excellent aesthetic ability and expression ability
  • Self-confidence, good presentation skill, able to explain opinions in simple terms

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