Petrofac Careers | Wellsite Geologist Jobs in Sharjah


Petrofac Careers | Wellsite Geologist Jobs in Sharjah

1- Wellsite Geologist
Job: Full Time
Location: Sharjah, UAE

Job Responsibilities:

  • During actual drilling operation, you should be capable to utilize the all the available information / resources at site for formation evaluation and prospective zone analysis.
  • The well-site geologist is supposed to guide and advise the mud logging engineers for obtaining all the desired data, samples and reports required for formulating future wells exploration strategy.
  • Person should have in depth knowledge and understanding to correlate the depositional sequence and setting with the help of GTO.
  • You would be main responsible person to guide the drilling professionals for selection of casing setting depth and termination of well at TD in consultation with operational geologist / Head Office In-charge G&G.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidate should have experience as well-site geologist for monitoring of exploratory drilling wells.
  • The person should have in depth understanding of wellsite geological operations namely rock and cuttings description and analysis, formation evaluation using mud logging unit, monitoring of online formation pressure, and prospective zone analysis in a carbonate reservoir.

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