Protocol Engineer Jobs In Dubai UAE 2023 | Hyatt

  • Full Time
  • Dubai UAE
  • 7500 AED / Month


Protocol Engineer Jobs In Dubai UAE 2023 | Hyatt

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My Client is a data company that creates products to address global blockchain data issues. They are an API-first product company that is committed to using accurate, on-chain data to power and solve blockchain data problems, delivering real-time data from over 40 blockchains and various Web3 protocols.


  • Designing the protocol and its underlying cryptography
  • Modelling the behaviour of the network
  • Analyzing potential threats and how the system will behave under various conditions
  • Creating a reference implementation of the protocol (presumably on Golang and Javascript)
  • Testing and deploying the first network using the protocol, and combining expertise in computer science, analytics, and coding.


  • Distributed and decentralized (blockchain/DAGs) system design and implementation
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) protocols implementation, such as BitTorrent, Kademlia, Tor, IPFS
  • Protocol modelling and analysis, like Byzatnie Fault Stability
  • Implementation of algorithms working in scaled environments, cloud, or decentralized

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