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Radiology Technician Jobs in Dubai | Al Futtaim Careers

This position requires basic knowledge in diagnostic imaging and involves receiving patients at the medical imaging department, registering and preparing them and then initiating the process of capturing the diagnostic images.

Job Responsibilities:
a- Use evidence based practice and clinical guidelines to produce high quality images.
b- Be aware of safe guarding policies, both local and national, and implement such policies should it become necessary.
c- Assess clinical conditions, prioritise health problems, including initiation of effective emergency care.
d- Have the ability to authorise referrals for primary imaging whilst ensuring that the procedure is justified and escalate any concerns may they arise.

Job Requirements:
a- Bachelor degree from an accredited university in Radiography, Radiology Technology or Medical/ Diagnostic Imaging program; Diploma in Radiology, Associate degree in Radiography.
b- Minimum 2+ years experience post qualification.


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