Senior 3D Animator Vurse Job in Dubai 2022



We are seeking a creative, innovative, passionate, and experienced multiverse creator who is an expert in AR, 2D/3D object designing, animation, modeling, and creating various visual effects. The ideal candidate will be working collaboratively with the CreativeHero designer team and technical Mobile Graphics MegaMind team in AR development and translating the original concept into compelling interactive experiences. This person is an expert in their craft and tools, can adapt to various styles, and is highly motivated to create new designs and experiences in augmented reality.


  • Work with the AR product development team to define creative scopes and opportunities.
  • Collaborate with the Creative designer team and technical development team to implement a creative vision as a form of 2D/3D design, animation, modeling, and effects.
  • Design various creative 2D/3D objects and effects and provide assets that will be rendered using Mobile GPU (Android/iOS).
  • Multiverse creator will design, create and provide creative Augmented Reality based 2D/3D assets and effects with proficient knowledge of object pose, vertex, shader, mesh.
  • Export the 2D/3D objects in the various required formats so that the technical team can overlay the asset on the mobile camera or in the video.


  • 5+ years of experience in 2D/3D design, animation, motion graphics, modeling, rendering, and interactive design.
  • 3D graphics and animation experience in-engine with Unity, Unreal Engine or Spark AR, etc.
  • Augmented or Extended Reality Experience.
  • Proficient in creative tools and renderer engines such as Maya/C4D, Houdini, Blender, 3Ds Max, Arnold, RenderMan, ZBrush, Redshift, Cycles, After Effects, etc.
  • Experience working in AR/VR or interactive design with an understanding of technical requirements and workflows
  • passion for creating new and innovative assets.
  • 3D Modeling within Blender and basic texturing skills (UV Mapping).
  • Experience developing complex 2D/3D graphics, effects, and assets.
  • 2D design experience and 3D modeling experience with a portfolio of published work.
  • Experience designing, lighting, texturing, and optimizing 360° 3D environments.
  • Experience in workflow and 2D/3D animation, design, and optimization.

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