Senior Process Operator | ENOC Jobs 2022

Emirates National Oil Company

1- Senior Process Operator
Job: Full Time
Location: Dubai, UAE


Ensures safe and efficient operation of the units, perform all regular and routine operations and emergency operations that arises from time to time. Taking care of the machinery/equipment assigned to him during the shift and collects field readings and maintains log sheets.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Takes up area of work as assigned to him at the beginning of the shift and Follows instructions of the Refinery Shift Superintendent (RSS) or work instructions as set out.
  • Liaises, interacts, gives direction and coordinates field activities with control room/maintenance/ contractors.
  • Issues cold work permit and prepares hot work permit, performs gas testing intermittently or continuously as required and prepares the job for the maintenance work.
  • Checks up seals/lubrication for pumps and compressors, burner adjustments, cleaning and changeover, monitoring of exchangers/air coolers and other equipment.

Job Requirements:

  • Min. of 7 years’ experience in the operations of a petroleum refinery or a petrochemical industry for engineer and minimum 10 years for others.
  • Familiar with distributed digital control.
  • Must also know how handle any plant emergency with minimal or no supervision.
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of the various process involved in the units under his area.

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