Service Provider Operations Developer (SPOD)

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Job Description

Supply Chain Operations (SCO) connects customers with IKEA products in a simple, affordable, and sustainable way. SCO delivers excellent transport and logistic solutions today, tomorrow and over time by (a) optimizing replenishment solutions, (b) defining physical goods flow capacity needs, (c) sourcing and developing transport & logistics capacities, (d) managing the goods flow (e) leading & securing supply quality.


  • Service Provider’s (SP) performance: Secure SP’s operational performance in all aspects (as defined by relevant KPIs, in relation to capacity, precision, qualitative parameters, claims, safety, etc.); identify, monitor & implement relevant actions to improve the service performance continuously (e.g., through SPDP, business review, etc.)
  • Optimal capacity: Together with SP and supply chain stakeholders in SCO, secure optimal utilization of agreed/available transport or warehouse capacity vs. planned/needed capacity. Actively work with capacity forecast (MTP/STP: mid/ short term), identify SP’s constraints due to peaks, volume fluctuations, etc., and, together with stakeholders in SCO find optimal solutions which lead to securing needed capacity at lowest total cost.
  • Procurement process: Actively participate in the procurement process. Support the tender or preparation of other procurement activities and secure the implementation. Contribute with local operational and market knowledge (e.g., safety standards), and details of SP’s performance and operational capabilities. (Logistics Services specific: Lead the warehouse opening and closing process to secure a smooth transition).
  • “Ad hoc” purchasing activities (“purchase out of tender” / “purchase out of agreed frame” / spots): Within the mandate given, contribute to secure capacity in unforeseen situations. Secure optimal share of spot solutions.
  • New set-ups: Implement new SP set-ups, operationally and from SP perspective, and in close cooperation with Supply Operations Developers and other relevant functions.
  • Operations development: Contribute to development of working methods and other steering documents (e.g. Carrier Handbook, CP Handbook).
  • Competence development: Secure and share needed industry competence with all relevant functions. Link between “Industry” and “Supply Chain Operations” dimensions, together with Supply Operations Developer and Transport Planning Teams. Participate in relevant external forums and networks to be up to date with transport or logistics trends.
  • Compliance: Monitor and secure execution of signed contracts and agreed terms and conditions. Perform compliance/spot checks at SP to verify compliance with given parameters, such as quality of equipment, safety, and security, etc. (Specific for Logistics Services: monitor the warehouse operations).
  • Preconditions for production cost-out: Create link between SP’s production planning and IKEA’s operating frame, to find opportunities for optimization of SP’s productions costs (from total cost perspective).
  • Innovations: Follow up the innovative developments, contribute to implementation of innovative approaches, both internally and at SP.

Job Requirements:

  • Good knowledge of functions within IKEA Supply Chain and how they contribute to the process
  • Good knowledge of the logistics industry (transport, warehousing, distribution) including market-specific transport, safety, security, and quality standards
  • Good knowledge in Supply Chain Operations or transport planning & production
  • Good knowledge about how to build and evaluate fact-based business cases
  • Analytical skills
  • Negotiation & project management skills
  • Good knowledge of production costs and their main key drivers
  • Good knowledge of ways of securing logistics performance in all respects

Key previous experiences and proven skills

  • University degree in logistics, economics, business administration or relevant working experience
  • Proven record of consistently meeting agreed budgets and goals, and working on plans
  • True interest in business and developing win-win business set-ups
  • Experience in leading inter-organisational working groups
  • Self-reliant and motivated with a proven ability to work as part of a team as well as independently
  • A curiosity about the connectivity of systems, processes and functions spanning over and outside the Supply Chain Operations organization
  • Analytical, numerical and process oriented
  • Fact-based approach
  • Computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
  • Fluency in English

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