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1- Talent Acquisition Partner
Job: Full Time
Location: Dubai, UAE

Job Responsibilities:

  • You then spend a good portion of your morning meeting with and updating the hiring managers on their vacancies, and conducting face to face interviews to partner with them strongly through the recruitment process. You will use Competency Based Interview questions to conduct the interviews, and also guide the hiring managers on the best questions to ask based on the competency framework for the role
  • After lunch, it’s time to start phone screening your candidates. During the screening you will gather all insights to assess whether they fit the role, and the successful ones make it to your shortlist which you share with the hiring manager. For some hard to fill positions in remote areas, you will also partner with the regional sourcing team to ensure delivery of key talents.
  • At the end of the day, you will manage candidates who have gone through the recruitment process to provide feedback and ensuring a positive candidate experience even for those that are not selected.

Job Requirements:

  • Strong communication skills in English to be able to work in a matric organisation with multiple stakeholders
  • Demonstrable experience identifying and using talent attraction tools to attract candidates all different functions
  • Successfully coached managers on interviewing and influenced stakeholders to achieve outcomes
  • Worked on an Applicant tracking system, as well as other social platforms such as LinkedIn for recruiting purposes

To apply for this job please visit jobdetails.nestle.com.

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