Training Manager Jobs in Dubai | Abbott Jobs May 2022


1- Training Manager
Job: Full Time
Location: Dubai, UAE


As training methodologies increasingly become virtual, the challenge is to sustain engagement levels with the participants throughout the learning process. For this, the Training Managers would need to constantly look at newer ways of engaging the participants through gamification, alternate learning platforms and digital tools that can help teams to have high engagement levels as well as upgrade their skills. While the role requires the Training Managers to deliver training programs, a large part is also about managing talent. With the sales team being the critical organization asset, long term career development, fair assessment practices and clear learning pathways become key to building and retaining sales talent. Training Manager will need to play the role of advising the commercial teams on talent related matters with the aim of talent development, engagement, and retention.

Job Requirements:

  • Experience working as a Sales Rep andFront-Line manager
  • Exposure to Sales Management andMarketing practices
  • At least 3 to 4 years’ experience in Sales Training with practical experience in training delivery/content development
  • Created and implemented training plans and budget
  • Managerial experience in sales involving leading small teams

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