NBP Student Loan Scheme 2023 | Eligibility Criteria,Application Form

Are you unable to bear the expenses of your higher education? Here’s some good news for you! The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is offering the NBP Student Loan Scheme 2023, designed to support students who require financial assistance. Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student, this scheme is open to you.

To be eligible for the NBP Student Loan Scheme, you must have attained a minimum score of 70% in your previous examination. This initiative aims to empower students by providing them with the necessary funds to pursue their academic goals.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for the NBP Student Loan Scheme by following a few simple steps. The complete guide on the eligibility criteria, application form, and how to apply for the scheme is available in this article. Don’t worry; it’s an easy process that you can easily navigate through.

By taking advantage of the NBP Student Loan Scheme, you can focus on your studies without worrying about financial constraints. The National Bank of Pakistan is committed to supporting deserving students in their educational journey. So, read through this article to the end, and then follow the instructions provided. Applying for the NBP Student Loan Scheme 2023 is now within your reach!

NBP Student Loan Scheme 2023


Until 2023, government students have the opportunity to apply for the National Bank Student Loan Scheme. This scheme provides interest-free loans to students. The evaluation of applications will be based on merit and the availability of funds.

It is important to note that applications submitted after the deadline or incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration. The final date to apply for the NBP student loan scheme is July 29, 2022. Students who do not meet the basic eligibility criteria are kindly requested not to apply, as their applications will not be considered for the loan scheme.

NBP Student Loan Online Apply |NBP Student Loan Scheme 2023 Eligibility Criteria

Under the scheme, students are eligible to apply for a loan scheme:

A student can apply for this scheme or can avail of the loan to complete details are pasted below for information students who wish to use for universities/colleges mentioned below.

  1. They fall into the age group at the time of admission:-
  2. For graduates Not older than 21 years
  3. For graduates under 31
  4. For candidates of sciences. Not older than 36 years old
  5. They scored 70% on the last public examination.
  6. They undertook the study of the subjects listed below.
  7. They are unable to continue their studies due to financial constraints.
  8.  The borrower must return the loan in monthly installments six months from the date of first employment or one year from graduation, whichever comes first.

NBP Student Loan Scheme Types

Schedule fee Payable directly
➢ Expenses for meals excluding meals University/College
➢ Procurement of textbooks — Payment directly transferred to students

NBP Student Loan Application Form

The application form will not be accepted if it is not properly completed and found in the absence of the following documents.

  1. Two photographs of a student certified in a rank not lower than BPS-17.
  2. Certified photocopies of the Challan fees charged/required by the school and food expenses (excluding food fees).
  3. Income statement from the employer, i.e., public/semi-public/private service
  4. Statement of income from the district councilor of the union, i.e., for the self-employed
  5. Certified photocopies: –
  6. Place of residence
  7. Parent-Student Computerized Networking Centre.
  8. Certified photocopies of all educational documents
  9. High school diploma
  10. High school diploma
  11. Degree(s)
  12. Grade sheet/transcript (final exam).

Certificate (original) from the Vice-Chancellor/Principal/Registrar of the respective university confirming the date of admission and date of completion of studies

  • There are four unmarked self-addressed envelopes (permanent address and dorm address) (size 5 X 11).
  • The application is considered on its merits depending on the availability of funds. Any application not completed in the prescribed form is not signed, does not contain the required information and documents, or is received late will not be considered.
  • Fees for the current and remaining years must be shown in columns 5 and 6 to avoid miscalculation of fees.

Eligible Departments for NBP Student Loan Scheme 2023

  1. Engineering
  2. Electronics
  3. Oil and gas and petrochemical technologies
  4. Agriculture
  5. Medicine
  6. Physics
  7. Chemistry
  8. Biology, molecular biology, and genetics
  9. Mathematics
  10. Other natural sciences
  11. DAWA and Islamic Jurisprudence (LL.B/LL.M Sharia)
  12. Computer science/information systems and technologies, including hardware.
  13. Economics, statistics, and econometrics
  14. Business management sciences
  15. Trade

Important Points

  1. Eligible students will be granted the loan, but it will be subject to available funds.
  2. An incomplete, overdue application other than the established form will not be considered.
  3. Click here to download the NBP Student Loan Form and read the details.
  4. You can also get an interest-free student loan from Akuwat Pakistan.
  5. A list of successful candidates will also be uploaded to this page. Please get in touch with the following telephone and fax numbers for further instructions.
  6. Tel: 021-99213026, 021-99212100-50, ext. 2617
  7. Fax: 021-99213021

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