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Sales Business Development Jobs In Dubai | aocex-llc fz


Collaborating closely with the sales and marketing teams, you will play a crucial role in designing and executing effective business development campaigns and initiatives. This may include attending industry events, conferences, and networking functions to establish and strengthen business relationships.

  • Developing and executing strategic roadmaps to amplify the customer portfolio and augment revenue diversity, encompassing the creation of customized proposals for persuasive client engagement.
  • Taking part in contract deliberations and negotiations, utilizing proficiency to secure advantageous agreements and partnerships that resonate with the company’s strategic aspirations, while fostering enduring bonds with stakeholders.
  • Routinely scrutinizing the efficiency of executed business development strategies through steady oversight, empowering data-fueled adaptations and supplying astute guidance for perpetual progress.
  • Keeping up-to-date with market dynamics, competitive landscapes, and industry best practices, to provide insightful viewpoints that contribute to the company’s competitive advantage and overall prosperity, including steering expansion efforts into new markets.
  • Relationship Building: Skilled at cultivating and nurturing strong, lasting relationships with key clients, partners, and stakeholders, facilitating collaboration and identifying new business opportunities.
  • Proficient in excelling across the complete sales cycle, from prospecting and generating leads to negotiating and finalizing deals, consistently surpassing sales quotas and contributing to company growth.
  • Skilled at crafting and executing forward-thinking business development strategies, resulting in increased profitability and extended market presence by staying attuned to market dynamics.
  • Demonstrated prowess in communication, possessing strong presentation and interpersonal proficiencies, able to articulate intricate concepts and value propositions to diverse audiences, both internally and externally, cultivating concurrence and endorsement for business development initiatives.

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